Chorna Roza, Ukrainian Music
Chorna Roza are a 5-piece Ukrainian folk rock band based in the UK, known for a raw and energetic style with sophisticated melodies and vocal harmonies.

The Roza have become experienced giggers since they formed in the summer of 2003, building up an unrivalled reputation playing for events in the Ukrainian communities across the UK. This has led to opportunities to perform to more varied audiences and in more varied settings, with highlights including trips to Belgium and Ukraine.

The guys have developed an extensive repertoire over the years, at first dedicating themselves simply to get people dancing with their upbeat rhythms and genuine love and passion for traditional Ukrainian music. Gradually over the years they have developed their own unique sound, adding intricate layered melodies and vocal harmonies to the infectious enthusiasm that had become a hallmark of their performances. This approach was the basis for their debut live album recorded in 2010, Live: In Zabava Mode.

More recent years have seen the band take their material to another level and put together and perform an exhilarating folk rock set which includes alternative and modern interpretations of traditional Ukrainian songs as well as many of their own Ukrainian influenced numbers. It’s guaranteed to blow the roof of any venue! The new rockier approach has been well received so far and although they continue with the traditional dance-hall style when the occasion suits, the band are excited by the prospect of continuing to work on taking their music to new levels.