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Chorna Roza - Live: In Zabava Mode

Released: 27.08.2011
1 Moya Zhinka
2 Oy Chorna, Ya sy Chorna
3 Mav ya Raz Divchynon'ku
4 Oy Verbo
5 Kari Ochi, Chorni Brovy
6 Pidmanula
7 Marichka
8 Slova Liubovy
9 Tsyhanochka
10 Ivanku, Ivanku
11 Oy Chiy To Kin' Stoyit'
12 Chaban
13 Lisom, Lisom
14 Meni Vorozhka
15 Rozpriahayte

Live: In Zabava Mode

Chorna Roza’s long-anticipated debut album Live: In Zabava Mode reflects the years of work the 5-piece band have spent in cultivating a unique sound and an interesting and varied repertoire.

The 15 tracks, which were taken from two separate performances at the Ukrainian clubs in Stockport and Coventry, allow the listener to experience the band’s electric performance style as well as their contemporary and innovative approach to Ukrainian dance-hall music. They take you on a journey from rollercoaster polkas at break-neck speeds, to soulful ballads with haunting melodies, to upbeat foot-tappers with funky rhythms.

Produced by ‘Spooky Kooky’ Marko Kuszta, Live: In Zabava Mode has a rich refined sound to complement the energy of the band’s live performance, bringing the excitement of a zabava to listeners to take wherever they go.
27.08.2011   Live Album Release
27.08.2011   Tarasivka
Bazaar Music Festival
22.10.2011   Stockport Ukrainian Club
19.11.2011   Manchester Ukrainian Club
St Michael's Dance

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